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Conference Chairman Message

The second PetroCSR 2017 conference and exhibition was a success. Some 650 participants representing dozens of Iranian and international companies participated in last year’s conference. It is now our pleasure to take the opportunity to bring this year’s conference and exhibition to your attention. As such you are invited to participate in PetroCSR 2017 on 18-19 July, 2017.

Corporate Social Responsibility deals with important matters related to the effects that a corporation or organization may have on a society and environment, in addition to matters related to branding and profit. Ethics plays an important role in matters related to social responsibility from a Sustainable Development point of view. On this, CSR can have a very positive role in increasing people’s quality of life. On the other hand a commitment to CSR will improve a company or organization’s reputation and brand as it has been demonstrated time and again.

It is a well-known fact that Iranian wealth from oil and gas is spent for the nation and the capital reaches each and every family in the country. In addition, with effective work of our managers and work force the oil and gas industry provides energy to each and every household that, at times, are spent carelessly. As such, it is now time to have a deeper understanding and research, plan and develop oil and gas projects better as well as to conserve energy.

We recognize with the population and per capita consumption of energy on the increase, with full understanding of its environmental and societal a continued business as usual will have a declining impact on the people’s quality of life and the planet as a whole. For this we have been witness to many damaging cases to our natural resources due to oil and gas projects and the ensuing pollution that makes life ever more difficult.

This is why we need to develop serious commitment not only to the local population but also the consequences of implementation of the projects, nationally and regionally as per international conventions.  It is our desire for our management and work force to take serious and responsible action to professionally work on various commitments in the energy sector.

We are proud that Iranian PetroCSR conference and exhibition has turned into the most important policy making gathering on social issues in the oil and gas industry, supported by the Ministry of Petroleum and its office on Social issues; and as such, we would like to invite all international corporations, governmental organizations, university and academic institutes and the private sector to participate in this important CSR event so that in addition to creating a scientific forum they can present and exchange ideas and experiences as well as participating in the nearby exhibition.

Gholam Reza Manouchehri

Conference Chairman and Deputy of Managing Director in

Engineering & Development, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)






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